Wednesday, November 15, 2017

"Vintage Truck" Christmas Chalkboard

Oh, the fun I had today working on this Christmas chalkboard!  Well . . . it was really fun until I had to re-do the truck when my placement of the tree image (in the back of the truck) ended up just a tiny bit too high.  I stood back and looked at it, but I just couldn't look past the fact that it was about 1/16" higher than the railing.  If you've never worked with the awesome "Vintage Truck" Chalk Transfer, then you might not know that the adorable truck is a 3-step process.  The first step was the part with the red paste, then the part with the white paste, and then the tree.  It all ended well, though, and it was worth it to me to re-do it.

I love the images that come with "Vintage Truck" because they cover a variety of seasons/holidays.  For instance, the large framed chalkboard that I used today is the same one that had the "Hocus Pocus" Halloween design that I posted HERE.  As much as it pained me to wash away that design, I'd be lying if I said it wasn't convenient to be able to do so!  I like not having to buy a new chalkboard for every design that I want.  Being able to just spritz a design with water and wipe it away is pretty nice.  Of course, if I loved it enough to keep it around all the time, I could just seal it and then buy a new chalkboard.  It's all about the options, right?

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