Saturday, October 21, 2017

It's just a bunch of hocus pocus

I have to admit that I felt quite intimidated when I first saw the size of the witch hat in the Hocus Pocus Chalk Transfer.  Even though Chalk Couture clearly gives the measurements of transfers, I'm often surprised.  The hat is huge!  Let me put it in perspective for you . . . the chalkboard frame that I used is 24" x 30".  Oh no, I don't mind at all if you get out the measuring tape and see how big that is.  What I learned while working on this project is that I didn't need to feel intimidated because it really was easy peasy, and isn't that purple Chalkology Paste just beautiful?!?!

The Chalkology Paste colors that I used are (in order as they appear at the bottom of the photo):  Red Orange, Charcoal, School Bus  Yellow, Purple, Orange, Lime, and White.

Let's talk about the pretty leaves.

I wanted the three leaves to look somewhat realistic, but I needed to work quickly since I was putting the paste on all three at the same time.  I randomly placed drops of Red Orange and School Bus Yellow paste on the three leaves (from the Fall Leaves Chalk Transfer) and then used a squeegee to blend the paste, making sure that all areas of each transfer had been covered.

The two Chalk Transfers that I used are:

Fall Leaves
Hocus Pocus
So what do you think?  

If you'd like more information about any Chalk Couture product, contact me at randari at Hotmail dot com.

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