Thursday, January 17, 2019

Yes . . . Buy the Shoes!

Another quick project featuring the January 2019 Club Couture transfer, Buy the Shoes.  This project features the following Chalk Couture products:

Candy Apple Red Chalkology Paste
Bright White Chalkology Paste
"Buy the Shoes" Chalk Transfer
Bracket Shaped Chalkboard
Angled Squeegee

A step-by-step photo video of this project in the making can be found HERE.

Friday, November 16, 2018

Wooden Christmas Tags/Ornaments

I'm still really good at breaking blades on my scroll saw, but I actually managed to cut quite a few wooden tags recently before two or three blades couldn't take it anymore.  A couple of weeks ago, we had a gorgeous weather day that I spent cutting tags (and changing blades).  I couldn't just stop with the cuts, though . . . I sanded all of the tags and then stained them so they'd be ready for some Chalkology Paste.  They turned out cute, huh?  I love that these tags will be a cute decoration on a gift and will become an ornament by the recipient.

Front and back of the snowman tags

Some of the tags have a very sparkly glittered ornament

The glittered ornament on the back of some tags turned out soooooooo pretty!  Have a closer look:

I used Shimmer Silver Couture Ink to transfer the ornament image onto the back of the wooden ornament and, while the ink was still wet, I sprinkled Dazzling Diamonds Stampin' Glitter onto it.  Once the ink had dried, I used a fine bristle brush to whisk away the stray glitter.

Images from the following Chalk Couture Chalk Transfers were used to decorate the tags:

Chalkology Paste Colors that I used include:  Candy Apple, Garden Herb, Buttermilk, and Bright White.

I don't yet have a photo of a tag hanging from a gift bag or tied onto a wrapped box, but here is one of the tags dressed up with ribbon:

If you have any questions about the awesome Chalk Couture products, let me know!  

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Thursday, October 11, 2018

Happy Camper dressed for Christmas -- and a chalkin' tip!

I get that it seems early still for Christmas projects, but my Happy Camper Add-On Winter Chalk Transfer arrived yesterday.  I. love. it!!!!!  Working on this chalkboard was so much fun!


That buffalo plaid . . . ahhhhhh.  It's so nice to have it as one of the images in the transfer because it can be created with many different colors.  Take a closer look at the transfer--the images are fantastic!  The text images are perfect for the holidays, the layered tree is one of the prettiest that Chalk Couture has, and there's so much to choose from when decorating with this transfer!

Links to the products that are featured on my project:

CHALKIN' TIP:  Sometimes when you are layering images, the Chalkology Paste can come up when you remove the Chalk Transfer.  This can happen for a number of reasons, including the paste not being dry, the surface still being too warm (from heat drying), the underlying paste gets re-moistened when the second layer is applied, the Chalk Transfer is too sticky/wasn't "fuzzed" well before it was placed on the surface, etc.  When I worked on this project, I applied a very thin layer of paste wax over the areas where a transfer would be applied for the addition of another color (the tree, the red background before the black buffalo plaid, and the red bow on the green wreath), and I didn't have ANY problems!  Everything worked beautifully, so I definitely recommend using paste wax to save yourself the trouble of a re-do.  ;-)

Saturday, October 6, 2018

Holiday Wooden Tag

I recently asked my husband for a scroll saw and, being his usual sweet and generous self, he bought one for me.  Of course, he was a bit surprised that I'd ask for a saw and wanted to know what I thought I would do with it, but he's always so good about supporting my dreams.  After he and my son showed me how to use the saw, I started breaking blades making some cuts.  My first drill was to try some practice cuts, such as a straight line and curves.  I managed to cut two tags and a stocking, and this is my decorated stocking:

After staining and sanding it, I decorated it with the following Chalk Couture products:

It's hard to notice the shimmer of the Shimmer Silver ink that I used on the snowflake and the text, but it really does have some sparkle.

See more Chalk Couture products and projects here:

Thursday, September 27, 2018

I've wanted a patriotic room for quite some time

Every once in a while (for quite a few years), I have dreamed of having a patriotic room in my home.  I think it's finally going to happen, although it will be my bedroom at "the farm" which is what I call the mountain house.  Using the Stars and Stripes Chalk Transfer, this is the framed chalkboard that I created today:

This is what the Chalk Transfer looks like, but it's not currently available [sniffle]:

I decorated the chalkboard shown below this past April, and I'm also going to take it to the farm.  I wrote this blog post about it.

Want to know more about the fantastic Chalk Couture products?  They are sooooooo easy (and fun!) to use, and you can see everything that's currently available HERE.

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Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Coffee Time . . . gift bag

I recently needed a small gift for someone who happens to love coffee, and the Coffee Time Chalk Transfer was perfect!

I used Couture Teal Ink to transfer the two images onto the muslin bag--one image on each side of the bag.  If you're wondering where that cute bordering image came from, I'm sorry to say that it's from the retired Coffee Accents Chalk Transfer.  You can't see it in the photo, but I used the semi-circle burst image from The Adventure Begins Chalk Transfer at the bottom of the side that reads, "Coffee and Sunshine".  That particular transfer is out of stock as of this writing, but this is what it looks like:

As you can see from the photo, this little gift bag was filled with K-Cups that will be put to good use. A coffee cup was also included--but not the one pictured.  ;-)


Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Another flower vase

This past Sunday, my daddy had some beautiful fresh-cut flowers waiting for me.  When I got them home, I reached for the first "vase" that I could get my hands on, which happened to be this empty Jack Daniel bottle.  The bottle certainly isn't a perfect vase, but I've had trouble throwing it away because it's a pretty shape . . . with smooth glass sides that are perfect for a little chalk paste.

Being glass, it's really difficult to get a good photo that shows the detail of my decorating but, hopefully, these photos at least show the potential.

Of course, each time I change the water, I have to be very careful to not get water on the glass since I used Chalkology Paste.  A funnel is working nicely so far.

The Chalk Couture products that I used to decorate my bottle vase are as follows:

Enjoy the Journey
Boho Florals (not currently available)
Vintage Truck Spring Add-On (not currently available)
White Chalkology Paste
Small Squeegee
Multi Tool

Even though some of the images that I used are not available, there are plenty of images that can be used to decorate a vase!  Please visit my web site and click the "Chalk Transfers" tab to see all of the fantastic designs that are available!

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

I don't do mornings

It's true.  

If I can help it, I rarely see the earliest light of day.  

Being born early in the morning must have had a lasting impression on me because most of my life has been spent wanting to avoid the early hours.  That's not to say that I can't appreciate the crispness of a brand new day in its infancy--it's just that I am quite fond of the quiet solitude of the dark just before dawn.  

I've had this I Don't Do Mornings chalk transfer for a while and finally got to use it.  My Chalkology Paste colors are Honeydew and Candy Apple Red.  The chalkboard is approximately 5" x 6", and it sits in a nice wooden base.

If you haven't already done so, I hope you'll visit my web site to see all of the awesome Chalk Couture products!  

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Tuesday, July 31, 2018

It's so good to be home

Jars call to me.

Jars with flowers call to me even louder.

This project features the following Chalk Couture products:

Chalk TransfersIt's Good To Be Home, Fall Florals, Bless Our Nest

Chalkology Paste Lilac, Azure, White, Garden Herb, Kiwi

AccessoriesAngled Squeegee, Multi-Tool


Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Reverse Canvas Project

Today I'm sharing a project that was made with a regular 12" x 12" art canvas . . . except . . . the wood to which the canvas was attached ended up framing the canvas.  Say what???  On my Facebook page, I have shared a slideshow/video showing exactly how this was done.  Check it out HERE

Monday, April 30, 2018

Summer-themed chalk transfers coming tomorrow!!!

You read that right . . . TWENTY-FIVE (25) brand new designs, and all of them celebrate SUMMER!!!  Be sure to visit my web site tomorrow to see them all!!!

Saturday, April 28, 2018

Ramsour presents . . . Star Spangled Banner chalkboard

I've had the "Star Spangled Banner" Chalk Transfer since last summer, and today was the first time that I've applied Chalkology Paste to it.  What took me so long?!?!  I'll admit that I was a wee bit intimidated to use multiple colors, afraid that some of the chalk paste would dry before I was finished, but the process went smoothly and easily.  When I took the chalkboard outside for a little photo shoot, Ramsour demanded we also play ball but then he sat very handsomely.  

How about one more sweet Ramsour pose?

Can I help you choose a fun Chalk Transfer for your next (or first) chalkboard???  

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Wednesday, April 18, 2018

For the kitchen

How cute is this little bottle cap-shaped chalkboard for the kitchen?  I think it also resembles an old pie pan, and I love the fact that the design can be washed off so the surface can be decorated again and again!  

Another idea . . . I think this bottle cap chalkboard would look fantastic as part of a kitchen-themed wreath.  Can't you just see it tied among cookie cutters, a tea towel, old silverware, mini shredder, etc.?

I love that Chalk Couture products are so versatile and can be used in large or small applications, and the image transfers can be used multiple times.  Being able to make d├ęcor items and change them out as desired has been a lot of fun, but the ability to make some awesome gifts for friends and family is a real plus!  

Want to know more about Chalk Couture?  Visit my web site or email me with questions (randari at Hotmail dot com).